Drops of Youth ~ Bouncy Sleeping Mask


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My happy skin told me to quickly write this blog and tell my friends how amazing is this product. This product is pretty old in the market and I am so thankful that I finally got it. Girls if you are dealing with dry skin problem or has de-hydrated skin this is just for you

August is not over yet but this product wins the ‘Monthly Favorite’ product of the month. I usually don’t do this kind of series until and unless I really mean it. Drops of Youth ~ Bouncy Sleeping Mask from BodyShop is all that I am loving this month.


Product Description 

Discover our Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask, enriched with Edelweiss stem cells. Designed to be left on while you sleep, this overnight mask leaves skin looking bouncier and feeling replenished.  Discover how this mask will bounce your skin back to youth → .

Youth-enhancing formula for bouncier, younger-looking skin
Unique bouncy, memory shape texture
Pairs perfectly with our Drops of Youth™ Concentrate
Enriched with Community Trade Babassu Oil

Dry skin has this tendency to get fine wrinkles very quickly. We really have to take care of our skin to reduce the early signs of aging.Its like a disaster management for your skin 🙂


The Body Shop is making some bold claims about the performance of this mask. It’s conducted studies in which 80% of women agreed skin was replenished, and 70% agreed it was bouncier. The sample sizes were relatively small though – 109 and 103 women respectively.

This comes in a glass kind of heavy jar which is not that travel friendly. But the look of this jar is pretty sleek and looks amazing. It also comes with a spatula which is amazing. You don’t have to dig your fingers in it which I personally feel very unhygienic.

The texture of this mask is so unique. It remind me of jello or pudding to be honest. The product in itself doesn’t runs down and stays firms. It is not super creamy or too heavy. It is just perfect. I used this after I finish with the toner and serum on my skin. Sleeping mask will just hold everything in place.  Sleeping mask is just like any other night moisturiser but they have “mask like” treatment while you are sleeping. Leave it overnight and you can see much different when you wake-up.


It has this fresh scent that I really like and it makes my skin very soft and supple. Its extremely hydrated but doesn’t make it look oily. Make sure that you really message your face and do not go off to sleep immediately. Wait for sometime to get it absorbed. Its a great buy for those who are looking for an everyday firming sleeping mask that hydrates really well.

Really happy with this $32 product and will highly recommend to everyone. Do let me know your thoughts if you have used this product earlier.

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Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Lotion

This is actually a love hate story. There are some things that I really liked about this product and some I don’t. So what should I write first? Before I even start this is completely my opinion and you can differ 🙂

Shea Moisture
So let me start with my love story 🙂 This product has all the beautiful ingredients that your dry skin needs. It has coconut oil which nourishes and helps firm skin. Hibiscus flower is a natural emollient which is great for dry and rough skin. Songyi mushroom will helps you brightens and even skin tones. It really help you to get rid of your dry and dull skin. The scent seems more hibiscus than coconut but its pleasant. Well if you hate lotions that has fragrance its not for you.
Now its the hate part. Thought this was a lotion but this is not lotions. It doesn’t flow. Its like a thick cream but in a bottle. Its very hard to take it out. I would really emphasize on the word difficult! I would have loved if it would have come in a container kind of packaging.
Shea MoistureShea Moisture
This is one of the thickest cream I have ever seen. However i love this cream and is doing wonders to my skin but you cannot use it at day time because its really thick and sticky.
Shea Moisture
My advice would be to use it during the night and sleep. This is what I do 🙂 Girls who are dealing with a dry skin will do everything to get the health and shiny looking skin 🙂

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