Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo

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I know many of you love to try drugstore products and I am sure you will love this one. Treat this as a detox for your hair. If you don’t have time to make a hair mask for yourself and want something quick. This is just fro you. I found this at QFC where I was just going through their shampoo collection. Not sure if this has been in the market for long but I saw it for the first time.


This is the first time I have tried a Neutrogena hair product. Before I say more about this product let me give you a background about my hair – my hair is curly and long & bit dry.  I use  moose, hairspray ,frizz ezz, not to mention conditioner, there is always some layer on my hair. This will help to clean them

How to use it:


I thoroughly scrub this through my hair in every 10 days or so and then leave on a deep conditioner for 5-10 minutes. I would not advise using this more than once a week (unless you want completely fried hair). Oily hair people you can try this more than once a week. Dry hair people not a great idea.

What this does is clean off all the build-up that your shampoos/conditioners/hair products leave on the hair. If you have experienced routinely more greasy hair after using one shampoo/conditioner for an extended period of time, you have experienced product build-up! If you often have to switch shampoos to keep your hair consistent, you have experienced product build-up! This product IS FOR YOU!


My hair felt lighter after using this. What I didn’t love about the product was the smell. It is a strong musky, manly smell. It lingered in my hair even after drying and throughout the day. This costed me $5.82 and will recommend

Thanks for reading this. Let me know if you have tried this before?



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Organix Nourishing Coconut milk shampoo

I am a shampoo person and I love to try different products. I think its been a year or more that I didn’t try any new shampoo. People who are familiar with my blog knows that I am a fan of Shiseido shampoo and been using it for a long time. I don not have any complains but wanted to try my hands on different products.


I picked up the shampoo from Organix called the Nourishing Coconut milk shampoo. The price range is between 5$ – 9$. You can easily get this at local stores and online. I haven’t picked up the conditioner coz I have to finish of the conditioner bottle that I have 🙂



The product description says SHAMPOO-Nourishing coconut milk, strengthening whipped egg proteins and hydrating coconut oils are all part of this deliciously creamy blend that will leave your hair softly scented, super soft and glowing.

It’s sulfate free! And does a great job of cleaning my hair and leaving my hair with soft curls. it’s rich with a thick consistency that lets a little do a lot. It moistures and hydrates your hair. I have used it for a couple of times and I was very impressed with the shampoo and how it worked on my naturally curly hair. Will definitely buy one in future.

Do let me know if you have used any of their products?

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Fabindia Tea Tree Dandruff Shampoo

Claims: Fabindia Tea Tree Shampoo Dandruff Control helps to remove dandruff and visible flakes. Fabindia Tea Tree Shampoo Dandruff Control makes hair soft and smooth after each application, even without the conditioner. It in enriched with natural ingredients which help in not only removing the dandruff but also protect from scalp infections. It also strengthens the hair follicles making hair grow longer and stronger. Tea tree helps to reduce the secretion of oil.

Fabindia’s Tea Tree Dandruff Shampoo

Directions of use:

· Apply to wet hair and gently massage into hair and scalp.

· Leave on for 4-5minutes for effective results.

Fabindia’s Tea Tree Dandruff ShampooFabindia’s Tea Tree Dandruff Shampoo

I have been suffering from hair dandruff since I have an oily scalp, and at the same time hair fall because of Bangalore water! Have tried almost all dandruff shampoos available in the market, until Splurgy told me to try Fabindia’s Tea Tree Dandruff Shampoo. Been using it ever since. The packaging is nice with a very minty like plastic bottle. It is mild with rich tea tree scent which is very soothing. A small amount of it is enough since it has a very thick creamy texture. Since the instructions says to leave it for 4-5minutes, try covering it with hair cap. It gives you some ice cool effect. It surely reduces dandruff and visible flakes and lessen your hair fall. The only negative part is that your hair tends to a bit dry. Since I am not fond of using conditioner, I use Moroccan Argan Oil instead.

Availability: Fabindia stores nationwide,,

Price: Rs275 for 250mL.

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Disclaimer: Thrifty is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!