September Favorite


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Fall is here! Very excited to wear those bold colors, scarfs and drink salted caramel mocha ūüôā Ahhhhh Fall I can’t stop loving you. Ok! Coming back to my September’s favorite, I am loving this product and I so recommend everyone to buy it. Its the Morphe 305S 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow


This is a perfect fall palette for every skin tone! Such pretty colors and all in one palette. I have never used any of its palette but I am so happy with this one


The¬†Morphe 350S¬†is all shimmer and does not contain any mattes but the shades are amazing. It comes with¬†five rows¬†of¬†seven eyeshadows equaling to¬†35¬†eyeshadows.The¬†formula¬†of the shadows is just beautiful and highly pigmented. Its actually a good idea to dab your brush on your hand to prevent too much color going on. I even use my fingers to apply these eyeshadows and they work perfectly. The shadows in the¬†350S¬†are smooth to apply, they are not chalky or powdery and doesn’t ¬†have much fall out. The formula of Morphe‚Äôs eyeshadow is absolutely amazing and is better than a lot of companies. The price of the palette is awesome and you get¬†35 highly¬†pigmented eyeshadows for¬†$29.88 AUD¬†($22.99 USD). I bought mine from Amazon but you can also get it from their official website.

These are few colors that I am obsessed with. The one on the left are great for fall and the other one on the right are some amazing shimmery shades.  Most shades are warmer in undertone but there are some cooler shades as well. I’d say this palette is a pretty mixed neutral bag and could work on most skin tones and undertones.

These range from shimmery light and dark gold shades, to peachy shimmery shades, to soft and warm red shimmery and brown shades and more. You can create some amazing  looks with this palette. You’ll also get a good variety of both day and night time looks out of these.

Here is one of the look that I created with my morphe palette ūüôā


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NYX Eyebrow Products


Hello Angels,

OMG! August is already here! This has been one fast summer. I have been playing with two brow products I got from NYX. I am using these for over a month now and I am all ready to blog about it.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil 


Description ~ Build full beautiful brows with our ultra-thin Micro Brow Pencil. So precise it coats even the finest hairs with color for a natural-looking finish

This product has been in the market for quite some time now and I know I am pretty late at this. Never mind! better late than never. This product is just amazing for day to day use. This product is super affordable and the quality is just amazing. The first thing that I really love about this is how thin the tip is. You can actually draw small hair like strokes to your brows. Some pencils which I have used in the past ( WetnWild or ELF)pencils are too thick.


There are color range you will get Blonde, Brunette, Auburn,Ash Brown, Chocolate, Expresso, Taupe and Black.  I got a black for myself which really blends with my brow. Its not jet black but a very soft black, which looks quite natural. Very happy with my $10 product from Target.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara 


Description ~ It sets tames and tints brows for natural-looking wear. Our dependable formula leaves brows feeling soft while maintaining complete control.

I am reaching out for this product more than the brow pencil specially when I am in rush and doesn’t have time to fill my brows.¬†¬†I have used it both after filling in my brows, to brush everything into place and it works pretty well.

It is highly pigmented and it make my brows appear filled in the sparser areas of my brows when I don’t have time to do the full-on brow. If you are into thick brows then you will just love it.  The wand is very small and precise. It is easy to handle and its great for a beginners. This product is probably not so great with people who has no brows. The product lasted on my brows all day, without any smudging. I bought mine for $7 from Target.

Here is the before Рafter pic. Please ignore the under eye puffiness.


Hope this blog was useful.¬†Have you tried a brow mascara before? Do you prefer it over filling them in with powder or pencil? Let me know ūüôā¬†



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Physicians Formula VS Wet n Wild

This is my first and I have never done this  kind of reviews before. I have seen many Youtubers comparing products which makes it easier for us as we know which product to buy. Here I will be comparing Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt РTip Eye Marker Vs Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner Crayon Eyeliner black.


Physicians Formula : 

This comes in three shades ‘ Warm Black’, ‘Ultra Black’ and ‘Dark Brown. The packaging is like a pen with a easy to use tip liner. It claims to last for 24 hours and removes easily with eye make up remover. The cost of this eyeliner is $7.25 and can find it at any drug store

People have raved about Physicians Formula eyeliner but for me its a big thumps down! The tip is thin but very dry and does not go smooth. You really have to press it hard to do the lines. The formula is also not great either and its not pigmented. It smears and does not last long

Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner Crayon Eyeliner A Pointe Feutre

This eyeliner is brand new and launched this year. I have bought this in 875B Black. They also have a thicker version of this for those dramatic eyes. This comes in two shades Black and Brown. The description says ‘¬†Its soft, finely-pointed felt tip gives you ultimate control over your look. Compact and fast-drying, this liner will have you out the door and looking fabulous in no time flat! ‘ ¬†The cost of this eyeliner is $3.99 and can find it at any drug store

I am soooooooo happy with this product. Its super smooth and glides so easily. Its highly pigmented and one stroke is enough. I am just obsessed with this and wearing it every single day.


Left ‘Wet n Wild’ Right ‘Physicians Formula’

A quick look

About Physicians Formula Wet n Wild
Packaging Pen like and easy to hold Pen like easy to hold. Bit small in size compared to PF
Pigmentation Not great Amazing
Long lasting Doesn’t last long Last up to 7- 8 hours
Price Expensive $7.25 Cheap $4
Purchase back? No Yes


Let me know what other eyeliners do you guys have tried and will recommend. Please share your thoughts if you like this kind of reviews or not?

Thanks you so much for reading this.



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Disclaimer: Thrifty is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!