Who are they?

logoWe (Thrifty n Splurgy) are friends who were once in the same country (India) but are now snap chatting each other from two continents (Philippines and US). I love bold & bright and Splurgy goes for soft pastel & white. One has curly and the other has silk straight hair. We often don’t see eye-to-eye on spending the moolah but what ties us together is our unadulterated love for shopping. Call it affinity or addiction, we are here to share our journey across the globe with fashion, food and style! While we have our unique styles of spending (the name makes it kinda obvious), you can see why opposites attract.

While they have their unique styles of spending (the name makes it kinda obvious.. Smile), you will find why “opposites attract“!

They are not perfect, nor do they claim that they-know-it-all but they will help provide some interesting insights for you!

So join them in their journey!

ThriftyLogoThrifty loves to lookout for deals and is ready to pounce on them if her budget permits! Due to her obsession with shopping she does get a bit carried away and influenced by her friend Splurgy which causes her to regret the next morning after her shopping spree. She can help you find out about products which are good for your daily use, deck you up in affordable and chic fashion and not make your bank account cry at the end of the day! SplurgyLogoStating the obvious here… Splurgy loves to splurge! You need to restrain her from shopping at times. Thrifty does keep her in check when she is not getting hypnotized by Splurgy. Splurgy will keep you up to date about the great cosmetics that the world has to offer, the style that makes you look oh-so-awesome and at times she will keep a check on the dollar value of the product being suggested!

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Email them at thriftynsplurgy@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: Some of the images are picked up from the net using the “License Type” search feature of Bing. If you think that a photograph used on our blog is not as per the license type, then please email us or send us a Facebook message.


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