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Hello My fellow Lipstick lovers!

When lipstick goes on sale we need to buy it! Its like one of those rituals that we never miss. Colourpop cosmetics were giving huge sale on their lipsticks and eyeshadows weeks back and I just made some room for these two beauties.


Its a long-wearing, pigmented lipstick that starts off glossy and dries down quickly to that super flat matte finish. Its dries out pretty quickly which I really love. They have minimal transfer which is just awesome and stays for really long. They tend to wear anywhere from seven to ten hours which is pretty amazing. This differs from shades to shades. The darker shades last long compare to the light ones. Of course when you eat pizza the lipstick wears off from the center of the lips. The re application didn’t work that well for me. It gave a very wrinkled, dried-up look to my lips. The formula doesn’t have a scent or taste

Colourpop Beeper Ulta Matte Liquid Lipstick 


Got the shade Beeper  for $4.80 ( Original cost $6) is beautiful medium dark rosy brown color which look absolutely beautiful on any skin tone. Its a beautiful matte color and doesn’t emphasize the lines on your lips. I will suggest as I always do moisturize your lips before putting it on


This shade may look too brown on cool undertone so keep that in mind. It is opaque and very pigmented! I haven’t had any issues with feathering — even without lip liner nor primer!

Colourpop Frick’N Frack Ulta Satin Liquid Lipstick 


 The Frick N Frack costed me $4.80 (Orginally $6) is a rosy terracotta with a satin finish.  This color is very similar to Nyx Chocolate Crepe.


I want to buy more and try more of their products. There are more Ultra Matte colors and more lip and eye makeups that I am considering picking up. Have you tried them? What are your thoughts?

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