Product of the Month!

Hi Lovelies!

June is almost over and we are half way through the year! Wow!! Quickly jumping into my favorite product of the month and I am obsessed with it. I am wearing this all day long and I am super excited to share it with you. This product has been a holy grail for many Vloggers like Tati and Jeffree Star.  This product has been in the market for long and I am cursing myself of not buying it earlier! I am talking about the Physicians Formula – Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette 


This is ALL in 1 palette which can be used as Eyeshadow/ Eyeliner/ Highlighter/ Bronzer/Blush. There are twelve shades in this palette that can be worn individually on the eyes or face, and you can also use your blush brush to blend all twelve shades together to use as highlighter. All this for just $14. Its hypoallergenic, paraben-free, gluten free, non-comedogenic and dermatologist approved.


I am using this palette every single day as a highlighter and for the inner corner of my eyes. Using all colors together creates a lovely, warm champagne-pink shade that’s works wonderful on the tops of my cheekbones and above my brows. You can also use these individually. They are great shimmery colors but looks natural. They are just AMAZING as highlighters on the inner corner, brow bone and under the lower lash line. In short you can have fun with this multi-tasker palette.

Below I have swatch it on my hands so that you can see the colors.


All of these shadows are very smooth, soft and apply nicely. They blend beautifully and  are not dry, hard or chalky. Its bit powdery and they do have a fair amount of fallout but the texture and pigmentation of the shadows are so nice, I’m willing to forgive some fallout.

The packaging is just adorable. Its very girly and it has a cute bow on the top. It comes with a mirror, a brush and a sponge applicator on the bottom with instructions as well. It’s perfect for someone who is just starting out or needs help on where to apply the products. The brush for contouring I haven’t used but the bristles are really soft. The sponge tip applicator I use to apply my eyeliner which also does a pretty amazing job.

The glow that you see on the picture is all because of this product 😛


Thank you for reading this. Let me know what other products I should buy from this brand.



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