Bench Organics Shea Butter & Olive oil

Here comes my addiction to shower crème, and to add my list is Shea Butter & Olive Oil shower crème by Bench. I just love everything that smell good and I love to experiment. Lets see what the product claims.


Product Claims:

African Shea Butter is known for its soothing and high moisturizing content. It also protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium natural extract renowned for its superior nourishing and hydrating properties.

Together, they help condition the skin to save it from dryness and pre-mature ageing.


Right after I consumed the Coffee line, I next proceed to this Shea Butter & Olive Oil as hoping it will give the same results, and it did. The packaging is same as normal shampoo bottle with flip-top lid (which won’t be easy to spill) and it only has 100mL bottle which might occupy a lot of space in your hygiene kit.



As for the texture, the crème is fairly thick and works well with a sponge or loofa rather than using a small towel or hands. It has shea butter (of course) smell, a little bit sweet to my senses but it’s very soothing. After using the crème, my skin feels hydrated and not dry at all. You don’t need any lotion afterwards as the crème moisturizes your skin enough. The scent lasts for quite some time too. The crème is quite cheap which costs around $4 only and will last for a month or two for sure.

I highly recommend Bench’s shower crèmes for those who suffers from dry skin especially in winter season, its cheap and very effective. J You can buy this product in any leading supermarkets nationwide(Philippines) or check out


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