Spring into closet cleaning

I know its difficult to let go of things and its even harder to clean your closet. We buy things and we buy things and we keep buying things. I am sure that our closet will have at least 10 things that we don’t wear or at least 4 things we have with the tags on and several others which doesn’t fit us anymore.  Its time to let go. Here are some of the ideas that I do before spring  and other best practices 😛


Rule 1 : Decide on a date and  mark it on your calendar. Make sure you don’t ditch your date  with your closet.

Rule 2: Depending on the state of your closet decide on the number of hours and keep yourself free.

Rule3: You can ask your best friend to help you out (Just saying) Hey but make sure you don’t call all your friends else you know what will happen – all play and no work 

Clothes that doesn’t fit you : Closet cleaning is all about being ruthless and head strong. You have to control your emotions during the process of what stays and what goes out. Let go of things that doesn’t fit you anymore or things that you don’t wear. The best thing to do is either donate or sell them online. This is what I do – In Seattle there are many places you can go and donate old clothes. There are tons of places in your neighborhood where you can donate. Its feels great when you help someone! Secondly you can sell it online. I see many ‘ Buy-Sell-Trade groups where you can sell your stuff and earn a little. This way you can always buy new stuff :). So make two boxes, label them and dump your stuff there.

Sort, Organize and Color code: Grill yourself of what you really need and would really wear in coming months. Winter is almost over (not for folks in Seattle) and you can separate your black & grey and other floral colors. Wash and pack them. You can also invest in some quality hangers and hang them properly. Your clothes needs that love and pamper. If you have a huge closet you can sort them out like “office wear”, “daily wear” or “party wear” categories. Even with you small closet you can do wonders. You get tons of ideas on Pinterest and on Instagram.

Breathe in and Carry on: By the time you are half way through your closet cleaning you will get that urge to leaving everything and run but don’t! Play some music and sip your favorite drink and carry on. Once its done and everything looks so aesthetic and nice that you will be proud of your self. Make sure you don’t forget to keep some space for your bags and shoes if you happen to keep them in your closet as well

Men seem to love their torn and tattered jeans which ultimately becomes their second skin. It is time to shed that skin and get yourself a new set of jeans which look cleaner and newer. It is a difficult thing to do but a “man has got to do what a man has got to do”. Men seem to develop a bond towards their older clothes. It’s as if clothes like wine get better with age. There will be a bunch of clothes in the closet which they bought and use constantly. There will be others which they didn’t know existed. If you picked an item in your closet which you cannot recognize or remember wearing in the last 12 months, then it’s about time it went out of the closet.

While you’re at it don’t forget about your better half 🙂 Guys are terrible about hoarding out-of-date styles and tattered underwear. The worst part is they actually keep wearing them (which makes their gals look bad too).  Some wise lady had once said ” Bad style has collateral damage!” :). Make sure they let go of their tattered underwear and tight inners which doesn’t fit them at all. You can check out some cool men’s underwear. They are the important person in your life so you can always give them a little space in your closet as well. Make sure get rid of those dingy shirts, loose fit jeans and outdated boxers in favor on trend styles

Thanks for reading this and let me now your tips to clean your men’s closet.


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