Olay CC Cream

Here comes my love for Olay products, you might have noticed that from the previous blogs how I am addicted to all their product line. And for the nth time, Olay delivers…


Product Claims:

This CC cream is an all-in-one multi-tasker designed to give you a seemingly airbrushed finished with:

  • CC coverage for tone correction
  • Pore-minimizing benefit
  • 7 benefits in 1
  • Broad Spectrum UV protection
  • Apply liberally and blend evenly across skin for natural even coverage
  • May be used alone or as a primer under make-up
  • As assessed by expert graders


CC creams has been in the market for quite some time now, I was a bit hesitant to try one and thought I will get the same experience/result I had with BB creams. But like the old saying, there is no harm in trying (at least with creams) 😛 CC stands for Color Correcting issues like redness or unwanted discoloration on the face.

Olay cc cream comes in three shades: medium to deep, light to medium and fair to light. I bought the fair to light shade since its closer to my skin complexion. The cream comes in a light weight tube-type. Not space consuming but I wish Olay will come up with a mini-version(maybe in 25mL). I love how light and yet not watery the texture is but once you apply it on the face, it hydrates in split seconds and gives you this matte finish look.

It covers the rashes, red spots, pimples and yes covers the pores without clogging it. Great way to hide blackheads too J Use your fingertips while applying this cream to easily spread on the skin, as I have tried using a sponge and it gave me a cakey look(not good).

Apart from giving you a glowing skin, it is pack with sunscreen SPF15 which helps to prevent sunburns. Olay cc cream costs about $20. The only downside on this is that it will not last long as you need to re-apply the cream every 4 hours. I don’t mind reapplying as long as it gives me fresh and natural look all day long.

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