Physicians Formula VS Wet n Wild

This is my first and I have never done this  kind of reviews before. I have seen many Youtubers comparing products which makes it easier for us as we know which product to buy. Here I will be comparing Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt – Tip Eye Marker Vs Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner Crayon Eyeliner black.


Physicians Formula : 

This comes in three shades ‘ Warm Black’, ‘Ultra Black’ and ‘Dark Brown. The packaging is like a pen with a easy to use tip liner. It claims to last for 24 hours and removes easily with eye make up remover. The cost of this eyeliner is $7.25 and can find it at any drug store

People have raved about Physicians Formula eyeliner but for me its a big thumps down! The tip is thin but very dry and does not go smooth. You really have to press it hard to do the lines. The formula is also not great either and its not pigmented. It smears and does not last long

Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner Crayon Eyeliner A Pointe Feutre

This eyeliner is brand new and launched this year. I have bought this in 875B Black. They also have a thicker version of this for those dramatic eyes. This comes in two shades Black and Brown. The description says ‘ Its soft, finely-pointed felt tip gives you ultimate control over your look. Compact and fast-drying, this liner will have you out the door and looking fabulous in no time flat! ‘  The cost of this eyeliner is $3.99 and can find it at any drug store

I am soooooooo happy with this product. Its super smooth and glides so easily. Its highly pigmented and one stroke is enough. I am just obsessed with this and wearing it every single day.


Left ‘Wet n Wild’ Right ‘Physicians Formula’

A quick look

About Physicians Formula Wet n Wild
Packaging Pen like and easy to hold Pen like easy to hold. Bit small in size compared to PF
Pigmentation Not great Amazing
Long lasting Doesn’t last long Last up to 7- 8 hours
Price Expensive $7.25 Cheap $4
Purchase back? No Yes


Let me know what other eyeliners do you guys have tried and will recommend. Please share your thoughts if you like this kind of reviews or not?

Thanks you so much for reading this.



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