Winter is coming!

Don’t worry I am not reviewing ‘Game of Thrones’ here :D. Winter is coming and it will soon be nippy and cold. One thing that I always start is stocking my winter body lotions. Some of the lotions you already have seen or reviewed or used. This blog is more about why i love and collect them. These lotions are my all time favorite.


Bath & Body Works – Japanese Cherry Blossom ($8)

One of their signature collection and their best seller. A very moisturizing lotion which gives you this cherry blossom scent. The scent is quite addicting to nasal gland and strong at the same time. No need to wear perfume at all!Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective Vitamin E and conditioning Vitamin B5, our fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture.


Victoria’s Secret Night ($20)

Ok it will pinch your pocket a bit but trust me its WORTH IT. This fragrance lotion is inspired by midnight in Paris. It has this Romantic scent which lasts from day to night. Works even we’ll when its paired with a perfume. It has a “sexy” smell to it and I get compliments all the time!


Victoria’s Secret Angel Touch Lotion ($12)

I love most of there collection. You will get a whole range of fragrance and the best part about it. This lotion is very light which absorbs to skin easily, and has a powdery smell which is very soothing. I know so many of you will have one or many of them and people who don’t – You should 😉

Victoria's secret

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Lotion, is a life saver for those who doesn’t use perfume, the scent lingers all throughout the day with no need of re-applying. Quite strong scent but its addicting.

 Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas Roth Lotion

I first tried this brand when I was staying at Hilton Hotel. I loved it so much that I bought the lotion.The lotion hydrates the skin deeply, and leaves a very smooth feeling and non greasy.

In all the above mentioned products I will always have one or the other in my purse or at home. Love love love all of them 🙂

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