NEW Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

Revlon Ultra HD

This product is all over Instagram and I was waiting to try my hands on them. I bought mine from Target for $7.99. This comes in eight colors but I just saw six of them. They were HD Devotion, HD Obsession, HD Addiction, HD Temptation, HD Love and HD Seduction

Revlon Ultra HD
It was actually very hard to find all the colors so I just got 2 – HD Love, which is a bright red color  and HD Obsession which is a bright pink. The packaging is really cute. Its is a frosted tube like bottle with a triangular flat  applicator, which makes it easy to apply. It actually looks like candy bars.
Revlon Ultra HD
Revlon Ultra HD
My first impression of this is its not matte at all. I love matte lipstick and it was one of the reasons that I bought it. It is not spectacular or worse, its just like any other liquid lipstick. Though this one is very creamy. After I swatch it on my lips, I waited for a while to get it dried but it didn’t ( The second picture was taken after 5 minutes but still looks glossy). So for that instant matte look you have to smudge it a little with your finger or cotton pads.
Revlon Ultra HDRevlon Ultra HD
It comes in a light weight gel formula for which it will be very comfortable on your lips.It moisturize, its not flaky, it doesn’t bleed and its creamy. Its smell bit of a  chemical fruit and not the natural one. You know what i mean 🙂 This scent can be bit overwhelming The staying power is amazing though. Even after the coffee and a snack in between it stayed on my lips. Over all I expected a bit more from this product.
I will rate it as 3/5 stars. Please treat this lipstick as a liquid glossy lip color than a matte ones.  Bit disappointed 😦
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