Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner -First Impression

Lately I have been playing with some new eye products. My first review will be on Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner.

Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner

The reason I bought this one as it had the option for the thick and thin lines with the same applicator. I think this is a new concept which in the market currently. I saw some other products that claim the same thing.Maybelline that is one of my favorite brands, thought to try my hand on. Let me start with what the product says

Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner

Go from thin to thick with the twist of your wrist. Experience the revolution in liquid liner with Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner’s unique 2-in-1 dual tip applicator: create thin, precise lines with one side and bold, thick lines with the other.

 Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner

You can tell from the pictures, the applicator looks like any other normal eyeliner except for the tip has a round “ball”. The trick is you have to us the applicator flat for a more dramatic line, or flip it onto its side for a precise, finer application. Hopefully the pictures explain this.

Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner

Some of the things that I instantly liked about this product is that’s its comfortable to hold and apply on to. I think it’s also because of the tip of the liner that makes it been easy to apply. You are able to create two looks with the same eyeliner.

The ‘not so good’ things about this product are the formula. You have to shake it up a bit before you use otherwise you get a watery consistency. Not work too well on thinner liners. It wears off a bit after 4 hours or so.

Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner

Overall it’s worth to buy. I don’t recommend rubbing your eyelids to remove it, but it was interesting to see it come off quickly. You can create some funky designs with it.

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