Olay Active Hydrating Cream


olay 1
Product Claims: This cream is formulated with hydration technology to help restore and maintain firm, youthful looking skin.

  • Contains fluids so similar to the natural fluids in young skin that skin readily claims them as its own
  • Quickly and greaselessly replishes essential moisture
  • Is Fragrance free
  • Boost skin hydration
  • Increase skin suppleness and firmness
  • Improve skin smoothness

olay 3 As soon as my Sister-in-law gifted this moisturizer to me, I used it immediately. The moisturizer comes in a white Jar bottle, not the usual pump-dispenser as other Olay Products have. It is a full cream that feels a bit thick and greasy once u apply, but it goes lighter in split seconds.

olay 4

It gives a bit shiny appearance so I just use it at night before off to bed. Helps my skin feels hydrated, smooth and very firm. It doesn’t breakouts nor leaves any blemishes. It gives you this fresh look or should I say my skin feels more radiant. It also gives a blush pink effect on the cheeks. This moisturizer is good for all skin types plus its only U$6. Very affordable considering the bottle will last for more than a month. True to its claim, Olay Active Hydrating Cream is definitely a must-have moisturizer.

Availability: Watsons, Amazon.com, any leading supermarket and department stores worldwide.

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