On the white beach! Boracay

Hello Loves!

SO this will be our first travel blog on Thrifty&Splurgy. We have never tried this before and we are very excited about it. We are not here to brag about anything we want to offend anyone. We want to share our experience of a trip and hopefully it will be helpful for those who is planning to visit this city.


Last week I was in Boracay (Philippines) with my sisters for a small vacation. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen some of the pictures that I had shared. Boracay Island is in the heart of Philippines and it takes an hour to reach. It is surrounded by the deep blue water of the Sulu Sea westwards and the Sibuyan Sea in the east.


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in world and one of my favorites. It’s a white beach with blue water and has one of the breath taking views. I stayed at the station 1 which is a bit high scale but trust me the amenities and service provided are definitely worth it!. It’s a private area away from the busy life of the island where you can appreciate its beauty .There are lot of water sports that you must try- Para sailing, banana boat rides, Jet Ski hire, Island hopping and many more. We went for para sailing, OTB and fish feeding under water. Though my sisters we quite adventurous. They tried the banana boat and some other crazy stuff

 sea food

Boracay is known for the sea food and restaurants which are there at the beach. They are extremely affordable. Many restaurants have live music, fire dance etc. to attract customer.

Do let me know if you want any information regarding where we stayed etc etc. Happy to help!

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