Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Serum

Product Information: Give your skin a more intense anti-aging benefit with higher VitaNiacin concentration in its silky formula.

Olay serum

Olay serum

Direction of use: After cleansing, smooth evenly onto face and neck, once or twice a day. Can be used alone, or under moisturizer or make-up.

olay serum

olay serum

Product claims:

  • Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Smoothing skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation.
  • Balancing color and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots.
  • Fighting dullness for healthy-looking radiance.
  • Refining to minimize pore appearance.
  • Moisturizing to nourish dry skin and to help firm and subtly lift its appearance.
  • Protecting skin’s surface with antioxidants.

What is Serum? Serum is a product made of lighter oils or water based but usually in gel form, which has active ingredients against the skin for better penetration, and adds nutrients into deeper layer of the skin. They are much finer in texture than creams and readily absorbed into the skin. olay serum Since I love Olay so much, why not try their Total Effects Serum too. The bottle only comes in small pump-dispenser but it will lasts long as you only need to use a drop of the serum at once. Serum should be applied after using cleanser and toner. I normally use the Serum at night, using it around my eyes area to get rid of crow’s feet and wrinkles. The texture of Olay Serum is more of thin cream rather than watery. It sinks into the skin easily, but it feels a bit sticky/greasy afterwards. What I like is that, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and helps the moisturizer absorbs better. After using it for less than a month, I did notice the difference on my eye skin, but it didn’t get rid or lessen my wrinkles and some fine lines. Maybe I should give it more time. The serum is quite expensive, for 50mL it costs Php699 or U$15. It’s available in any department stores, supermarkets and all beauty boutiques.

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