Olay Natural White Hydrating Glow Toner

Toners are most helpful for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for those who want extra cleansing after wearing heavy makeup or skin products. Using Toners help shrink the pores, gives your skin PH balance, it moisturizers and refreshes the skin as well, and simply adds a layer of protection and can prevent ingrown hairs. olay toner 1 I recently have started using Toner (again). It caught my attention because of its blue-white elegant bottled packaging and its Olay, I have to buy and try it. Since my skin is sensitive, oily on T-zone area and dry on the cheeks part, hydrating toner helps! I usually apply it directly on my face using a cotton ball, leaving it with cool sensation. It feels so light, soft and very refreshing. I feel my skin gets hydrated within a second. The texture of this toner is water-like with milky color, almost transparent. It smells good, not too strong like those astringents. I also feel putting serum or moisturizer after toner seems to work effectively on my skin. It gives a certain glow after, plus I notice my face skin have become whiter, not much blemishes. olay olay toner Great for all skin types. Nearly half way through my first bottle, will definitely repurchase and highly recommend it to everyone. Bought this Hydrating Glow Toner in Watsons, Thailand for about Bhat199 or U$6. It’s available in all Watsons, Beauty Stores across Southeast Asia Region.

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