Watsons Silicon Brush

This is the latest addition to my skin care routine. I have seen many videos and read blogs where people claim this to be amazing! I happened to see this brush I was shopping at Watsons, Thailand. This product has many names. Some call it Facial cleansing pad, facial brush or blackhead remover etc etc.

 watson silicon padswatson silicon pads 2

My first impression is its very comfortable for your skin. It’s really soft to your skin, even it looks not so skin friendly.

The write up thing at the back of the package says:

– Is made of soft silicone material
– Cleans dirt and cuticle effectively on the face
– Improves blood circulation with brushing lightly and gently
– Helps keep face smooth and tender

It’s too early to say that its doing wonders to my skin but I do feel that my skin looks a bit better and smoother. Of course it removes dirt because I used it with my facial cleanser but it is not so effective at removing cuticles or spots. Of course it’s for mild exfoliation and not for heavy ones. Though it comes with a grip to hold but it becomes bit slippery when I am using it with my cleanser.

watson silicon pads 1watson silicon pads 5watson silicon pads 4

If you are not planning to buy those expensive electronic brushes, you can go for this. It cleanses better with this tool than using my fingers alone. It improves your blood circulation leaving a healthy glowing and soft skin.

Hope my review was helpful!

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