Vaseline Water Based Serum

(Healthy White SPF30++ Serum)

Summer is up and one should not forget to protect their skin against the heat of the sun. Finally, Vaseline recently introduced a new variant lotion, the Water Based Whitening Serum, to help us ease the summer heat.

Vaseline Water Based Serum

The Vaseline Water Based Whitening Serum provides three modes of fairness and comes in a non-sticky formula that is easily absorbed by the skin:

· It has SPF30 that provides up to 96% protection from UVB rays of the sun that cause skin damage and sunburn, making it Vaseline’s best ever sun protection.

· It also has PA++ that protects against UVA rays of the sun that cause aging and darkening.

· It has Vitamin B3 that whitens skin with continued use.

Vaseline Water Based Serum 2Vaseline Water Based Serum 3

Since we were planning for a beach trip this summer, I have been searching for several brands of sunblock lotion which is effective, in usage and cost. I’m glad Vaseline came up with a new sunblock which is in serum form. It’s light, non-greasy/sticky at all, plus it easily absorbs by the skin. It has this powdery-floral scent which is mild, and won’t over powering your perfume. It gives you this fresh feeling like a baby and its addicting. We have used it in our recent beach vacation in Phuket. It did work on our skin but since we have stayed up in the sun for hours, hence sunburns.

Bought the serum for Php249 in Philippines (Watsons or in all grocery stores nationwide) 180ml. We were able to get it cheaper in Watsons, Thailand on a promo rate of 124bhat (320ml).

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