The Shiseido Hadasui Face and Body Lotion

When I picked up this product I had no idea about it benefits. The reason this caught my eye because first it’s from the Shiseido range and the secondly it looks more like a mineral water bottle rather than lotion. If I have to tell you imagine a lotion bottle, you might end up imagining some colorful bottles with some greasy or non -greasy liquid. Well this is completely different.

If I talk about its packing it’s a very cool looking plain bottle with water inside. Clear crystal looking water. Wait this water is 100% natural water of Mount Fuji. It hydrates and maintains pH balance for your skin and its alcohol free.

I will highly recommend it to people who have oily skin and doesn’t love applying lotions.

Shiseido Hadasui Face and Body Lotion

About the product!

The Shiseido Hadasui Face and Body Lotion 肌水 (Blue) belongs to Shiseido’s Hadasui Range.
Hada-sui is made of 100% natural water of Mount Fuji, which is filled with minerals that can replenish hydration and maintain pH balance for your skin. Formulated with fruit essence, xylitol and amino acids.

Slightly acidic, fragrance-free, color-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic formulation.

  • Pink Hadasui: highly moisture, perfect for dry skin
  • Blue Hadasui: suitable for oily skin
  • White Hadasui: gel type, whitening effect, suitable for all skin type
  • Green Hadasui: for male, suitable for all skin type

How I use it

I splash it on to my skin just after my bath. As of now I haven’t used it on my face. Will definitely post my views if I do that. For the new users, I have written down some quick tips on how to use this.

Directions of Use

1) Toner: after your facial cleansing, or before and after makeup to soften and moisturize your face
2) Make Up Set: Use over foundation or BB cream to hydrate and give skin a glow
3) Body lotion: after shower or bath to hydrate your skin
4) Hair lotion: to protect hair before dryer

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