Adin Collagen Essence Mask

Claims: Enriched with collagen in high concentration, which is the essential element for making skin elastic a moist. It makes the skin healthy and smooth while improving skin elasticity. Formulated with vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid, it makes the skin moist and elastic, and also reduces tension in the stressed skin and has astringent effect. It is especially suitable for use when special care is needed, such as when the skin looks dull rather than vital, or when dryness is felt, it comforts skin through providing nutrition and moisture immediately as well as claiming.

Direction of use:

· Cleanse thoroughly and dry your face

· Take out the pre-soaked mask from the packet

· Gently unfold the mask and apply on your face using fingertips

· Relax for 20-30 minutes

· Lift off the mask and gently pat remaining serum into skin

Note: In summer, keep the package in refrigerator.

In winter, before using, soak the package for 2 to 3 minutes in warm water.

Adin Collagen Essence Mask

Adin Collagen Essence Mask

I was buying the face shop mask when I came across to this collagen mask sheets. Since am addicted to it, why not try a different one for a change. Like any other mask sheets, the serum essence is slightly thick yet light enough to absorb onto your face skin. The fragrance is with astringent scent which I am not fond of. For a minute, I can feel the coolness of the sheets which helps hydrating your skin, but 4 to 5 minutes have passed, I can feel the astringent essence is kicking in. It’s too strong for me that I felt my face is burning, but I let it soaked till the mask is dry. After I remove the mask, yes my skin looks a bit brighter and firmer but it leaves some red patches which is scary!!! Not quite sure if am allergic to some of its ingredients, but definitely won’t use this mask again. Bought this at Bonjour, Hong Kong for HK$6 or USD 0.50 per sheet.

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