Moroccan Escape wonder Oil

Marks & Spencer one of the UK’s leading unveiled its Global Escape Collection, which included a new bath, body and lifestyle collection. The range contains a Moroccan Escape line with a bitter orange fragrance, and Eastern Escape line featuring an oriental cherry blossom scent, uses ingredients Argan Oil and green tea extract. Out of this, I bought their Moroccan Escape wonder oil. Yes, Moroccan oil I have been in love with this lately! Smile

Marks & Spencer Moroccan Escape wonder Oil

The packaging is not user friendly. It’s a very heavy bottle with no pump. One has to be really be careful while taking out the oil. It might slip or fall. The worst part is that it’s a glass bottle!

You can use this oil for your hair and body. The instruction at the back says you can’t use it on your face. The oil smells amazing and it’s very light. It makes your skin soft and plump. If you have dry hair and use a bit after shampooing then the hair texture becomes very shiny.

Over all a good buy. You can get this product at any out of Marks & Spencer. The bottle costs Rs.999 ($15).

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