Lakme Salon Moroccan Hair treatment

The world is going gaga over the word Moroccan. Hair products, face products etc. are getting sold like crazy if it has this ingredient! I also saw this product at Lakme salon to which I thought I should try before I buy one.

I went to my nearest Lakme salon for this spa treatment. This is one of my favorite spa! The staff are extremely courteous and polite. They will explain and understand your requirement very well. I was introduced to Shalini & Reena, hair stylists, who explained in brief the benefits of this treatment and how it will help my curly, dry fizzy hair.

Lakme Salon

The Moroccan oil hydration services include a hair treatment and scalp massage. They told me that Moroccan oil Hydration Ritual products provide outstanding benefits to the hair. The products contain Argan oil, 100 per cent natural oil that is extremely rich in natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. It helps to hydrate and nourish hair and the scalp. It also contains fatty acids and omega-3 oils to strengthen hair, vitamins for shine and anti-oxidants for protection.

The treatment began with a hair wash( shampoo and warm water). The heat of the water opens up the cuticles of the hair and ensures that the hair is cleansed completely of all dirt, and oil. Next, my hair was divided into sections and the Treatment Mask was generously applied all over the hair from root to tip. It was an amazing 15-minute scalp massage. After the massage, steam was applied to the hair for 10 minutes to ensure penetration of the treatment into the hair. Shalini & Reena made me so comfortable that nodded off in between with this amazing, super heavenly feeling!

After the steam, the treatment was washed off with cold water. This process helps in closing the cuticles, which opened up during the hot water- wash and steam application.

Then she applied the conditioner to the length of my hair, massaged for a few minutes and washed off with cold water. After towel drying my hair, she applied a spray to control my frizz ( sorry don’t remember the name) and 1 pump of the Serum.

Moroccan Argan Oil

I usually don’t let me hair dry with the drier as it unlocks my curls. At the end of this process my hair really feels super soft, smoother and manageable. The smell is amazing! It actually adds volume to your hair and my curls were intact. Super happy with my first session. My stylist said that 6 sittings are required for better result. I got an amazing offer of buy two and get one free Smile This package costs me Rs. 4000 ( inclusive of taxes). It bit expensive but it’s actually worth it!

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Disclaimer: Splurgy is NOT a sponsor for this product or salon and is sharing her views for a product, salon and services that she has bought and used!


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