Lucid0 L Hair supplement and Hair Wax

clip_image001I have long straight hair since ages (am not that vintage, yet!) :D, I opted to have my hair permed few months back but after 2 weeks, it became wavy! Initially, I thought having curly hair is awesome, you don’t have to visit a salon whenever there is a party or event, and its IN. however, I noticed my large curls have become dry, frizzy and with split-ends, and I can’t just go back to salon and have it straight again. So I decided to try some hair supplement products. Luckily, I found Lucido L Hair supplement and Hair Wax.

Lucido-L is a Japanese line for hair supplement products. It aims to keep long lasting moisturizing treatment by restoring your hair’s moisture. It has CMC-like ingredient helps membrane cells with water retention to create manageable hair up to ends.


Lucido-L Styling Milk comes in 4 variants, but since I have large curls (wavy), I bought the styling milk – wave. It has a floral scent similar to a perfume which lasts half a day. The creamy texture is not sticky at all and not oily. I normally use this after taking shower, I let my hair dry for 5mins then apply this with 2 to 3 pumps. You can use more depending on how thick your hair is. I have noticed my hair becomes smooth & silky wavy. It’s also bouncy looking and tangle free. Bought this product at Watsons store in Philippines for Php295 or U$6.70.




Another product of Lucido-L that I use is Hair Wax – creamy Curl. Since the styling milk-wave lasts only half a day for me, I started using Hair Wax as well. I gently apply it for 2 pumps after using the Styling Milk. The light fragrance is quite addictive and yes, its preservative free. It gives my hair a soft and luscious curls which lasts the entire day. Not sure if you will get this in Watsons Philippines. I got mine in Bonjour Hong Kong for about HK$45 or U$6.



I highly recommend Lucido-L for hair styling products. It’s fairly priced plus it does wonders to your hair.

Availability: Watsons store Philippines, Singapore, and Bonjour Hong Kong.





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