Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet

Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet

My face secretes so much of oil that I can make French fries! Funny isn’t it! Well not for people like me who face this problem every day every hour. Make up bleeds, pimples what not. I was looking for a product that can help me in removing my face oil instantly. Yes I can use face packs, cream etc. to help me fight with my problem but what do if I don’t have so much of time! Well here is something that I am lately using and I am freaking loving it1 The product called Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet.

Gatsby Claims:

· Unique film with advanced micro holes for powerful absorption of facial oil. Matte and cleans skin without stickiness

· Micro holes on surface of the film adsorbs sebum and user can actually feel the effect.

· Soft touch, tear resistant and palm size (9cm x 5.5cm) soft film.

· 70 sheets per pack.

Direction of use: Peel off the sticker on inside panel. Press lid down and lift up to remove each sheet. Put the film on oily areas of the face and press gently.

This on-the-go oil clear sheet is a must for those who are suffering from oily skin especially T-zone area. The film absorbs oil that gives you matte finished look, it won’t irritate your skin plus leaves your make up as it is. No need for retouch. The best thing is that the film does not tear off easily. So wipe that oily face for an instant fresh look! Smile

Price: HK$16, INR125 or U$2.

Availability:,, Watson shops in Singapore, Philippines.

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Disclaimer: Thrifty is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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