Cynos Morocco Argan Oil (body & thairapy)

Argan Oil Collage

Argan Oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, one of which is Omega 6 ensuring its function of repair and defense of the skin. The essential fatty acids fight against drying, dehydrating and the loss of elasticity which encourage the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E protects the cell membranes against lipid oxidization and thus slow down the process of ageing.

Direction of use for Hair:

Apply a few drops prior to styling. Can also be used as a bath oil, spread from the roots to end and leave for an hour. Wash and style your hair. Rinse is not required. Hair remains soft and shiny even after the first shampoo.

Direction of use for Body:

Warm the oil in your hands and massage your body. 2 to 3 times a week. The skin will be hydrated and become smoother and softer after use.

Living in a cold city now, I suffer from “dry skin” problem! I have used tons of moisturizing products but it did not help me much. Thanks to my sis-in-law (who is equally fond of such products) who introduced me to Argan Oil. Since then, every time I go back to my motherland, I make sure I hoard some.

There’s a lot of benefits/ways of using Argan Oil, but I will just share what I have tried so far. You can use argan oil on your face and neck as a moisturizer, it not only reduces wrinkles and dry patches on your face but, also minimize lines on your neck as well. I normally use it twice a week as a body lotion (preferably before bedtime), it absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all which leaves your skin baby soft. It also has this sweet vanilla nutty scent (don’t worry about ants, it won’t bite you) which will stimulate you and your partner’s nasal glands! Winking smile

As for the hair, Argan oil makes your hair smoother and shinier. You don’t need to use conditioner at all. Plus, it makes your hair so soft that makes it easy to style with. True enough, it is indeed a Wonder Oil. Oh, don’t forget to hoard some as it gets out of stock most of the time.

Availability: (Philippines) Nail-A-holics, Face 2 Face, Studio Fix Greenbelt 3 & 5

Price: Php1200 or INR1600/U$25 for 100mL.

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Disclaimer: Thrifty is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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