L’Oreal – La Creme True Match BB Cream

With all the BB and CC cream available in the market, this must be a common topic for your reading. But trust me, this will indeed help you to narrow down your search. This is not the first BB cream I have used, probably have not written any reviews on it. So here I am with my first review on BB cream.

I have used this product for a week or two (quite early to write a review though) but couldn’t help myself to tell you guys how amazing this product is! Oh! Did I forget to mention this product name? It’s L’Oreal – La Creme True Match BB Cream.

You will fall in love when you see its packaging (at least I did ;)). The rich golden and beige color body with a golden cap. It has a plastic tube shape structure and a nozzle for squeezing out the product. It is available in three shades to match the skin type – Ivory (fair skin), Golden (fair to medium) and Honey (medium to dusky).

 BB Cream Collage

The texture of the product is neither runny nor concentrated. Though I need a little moisturizer / primer before I apply it because of my extra dry skin. When you apply it on your face, it becomes your second skin. It won’t give you a thick foundation look (sort of artificial) but gives you a nice matte finish, covers up your spots and brightens up your skin. I just love the way it gives a soft glow to your skin. Looks real and natural. I love the high sun protection it offers.

 BB Cream Skin

When it gives you a natural look, then it has a side effect too. It needs extra effort to blend the problematic areas around your skin like blemishes, pores and flaky skin. Yes, it does require an extra effort to blend it overall. I think that is the only negative thing about this product. I haven’t used it for more than 4 hours, so don’t know how well it stays.

Over all I will really give it a 4/5 but wont recommend to people who have flaky skin or skin that breaks out quickly. It won’t give you that flawless skin look which you have in mind.

I bought this from Shopper’s Stop for INR 550 for 30 ml (approx. $9).

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