Our first online splurging @ Jabong.com

We really like shopping which is quite obvious by now! Recently, we tried our hand at online shopping with Jabong.com. We decided to look around what Jabong has to offer and decided to pounce on the bargain on a Maybelline gift pack! We have a penchant for Maybelline products and Maybelline’s lip care products are one of our favorites along with their eye makeup removal product.

So what did we settle for? We settled for the Valentine Special Coral Gift Box which had the following products in the pack:

  • Lip Polish
  • Color Tattoo Audacious Asphalt Eye Shadow
  • Colossal Kajal
  • Hypercurl Mascara-Waterproof
  • Color Show Nail Enamel – Orange Fix

Yes.. It’s a bit too late for a valentine’s day gift or maybe a bit too early depending on how your look at it! But it’s never too late or early to pamper oneself with cosmetic buys especially when you get them for a bargain! Well, if you individually bought each of these products, it would be more than a INR 1000/- where as we got it from Jabong for INR 999/- ($16).

The Packaging and Delivery

Packaging 2

We didn’t have to wait for long to get our gift pack! We got the delivery in less than 2 days! We had ordered it on Wednesday night and the order was delivered on Friday afternoon! The delivery was in Bangalore which is a major city.

A lot of folks in the country have an aversion towards online payments through credit/debit cards. Even though the site offers secure payment gateways, you could opt for Cash on Delivery if that is available in the city that you reside in.

If you are wondering if the delivery time is the same for every city, then it is not. Every product page has a helpful little wizard on the side which shows you the estimated delivery time and other helpful options like exchange options, free home delivery option etc. The site mentioned that the estimated delivery time was 3-4 days but we received the products within 2 days.

imageBe sure to double check the following before you place your order:

1. Exchange policy  – This is quite important if you are buying apparel. Without the benefit of a fitting room, you need this option if you are unsure of the fitting.

2. Gift Wrapping – This is absolutely essential because if you are sending the product as a gift, you need this option. You cannot change this if the product does not offer it.

3. Delivery time – Especially if you are sending this across as a gift!

The Product


We were really pleased to get a INR 200/- discount coupon with the purchase. YAY!! Open-mouthed smile Both of us shared the loot amongst ourselves and we will soon be posting reviews of the products in the pack! Yes, we blacked out the coupon code! Winking smile

Now that we have a discount coupon, we will use Jabong again. We will definitely be scouting the Jabong site for offers during the upcoming festival weeks during Navratri and Diwali. We are very much into shopping in-person but online shopping can be an addiction too! We will see where this addiction takes us!

Incidentally Jabong is also sponsoring the NBA Jam 2014 across various major cities in India. If you think you and your friends have a penchant for shooting hoops, then sign up for this event!

Feel free to share your reviews with us as well regarding your online shopping experience with Jabong.

P.S. We thank Jabong for the discount coupon code that they gave us!

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