Biore Nose Pore Strips

Biore Claims

Instantly provide the deepest cleansing by lifting away dirt deep down. In just one use, pore strips are twice as effective as the leading pore cleanser at getting rid of pore-clogging build-up, dirt and oil that can cause blackheads. Plus, with regular use they can actually reduce the appearance of your pores!

Biore Nose StripDirection for Use

· Wet your nose with clean water.

· Peel the nose strip off the plastic liner.

· Apply nose strip with the shiny side facing your skin.

· Let it dry for 10-15minutes.

· When the strip has dried, peel off the strip starting from edges towards the center.

· If it’s too painful to remove, wet your skin until strip is easy to peel.

My Review

My nose is suffering from tremendous breakout of blackheads. Its been so long that I was looking for some product that can help me in reducing my blackheads. I came across this product during my visit to Hong Kong. I just picked it up randomly as I was not aware of any brands in Hong Kong. With all my high hopes,I decided to try Biore Nose Strip. Its quite addictive to use as you can clearly see the blackheads on the strip. Yes, it did help reducing my pores for few days to a week, but the blackheads will reappear. Tried using it once a week, but sadly, regular use of Nose Strips can actually enlarge your pores even more! Sad smile

Not sure if this product has helped any of you but didn’t work for me. May be its not for my skin type. With a heavy heart, I am giving this product a thumbs down!

Bought this in Bonjour Cosmetics in HK for about HK$19.90, approximately U$2.70 or Rs160 for 10 strips.

Biore Nose Pore Strip Pack Biore Nose Pore Strips

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Disclaimer: Thrifty is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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