Annie’s Way Jelly Mask Review

Annies Way

I got to know about this product from one of my favorite Vlogger “Bubzbeaty”. Since my Hong Kong trip was round the corner, I thought I would buy one. I really wanted to add it to my favorite product list for the month.

About the brand

Ching Yi skin care manufacturer established since 1982, focuses on professional research and development, high quality manufacturing processes, and the GMP standard production process.

In 2009, they established a new brand “Annie’s Way” as an exclusive line of various facial mask for the consumer.  They offer moisture, whitening agents, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-allergy, crystal jelly, and other areas (eyes, hand, foot, lip, belly, chest, etc.) to satisfy consumer needs.

Their products go through a stringent SGS process and are examined by qualified quality control agencies.  The product line carries with it an NT$10,000,000 insurance coverage so the consumer may use our product with confidence and safety in mind (WOW!!)

Direction of Use

1. Clean your face with your favorite face wash. Make sure there is no dirt or oil on your skin.

2. Apply face toner.

3. Apply Jelly Mask approx., thickness 0.3-0.5cm by using a spatula (comes free with this product).

4. After 30 Minutes, remove the jelly mask by scarping gently from outside to inside.

5. Wipe with tissue paper after you scrape it all out

6. Repeat the same action few times, and rinse with water, apply moisturizer as what you usually use.

RECOMMENDED: Use Twice a week, or as needed. Use it completely within 1 to 2 months and DO NOT refrigerate.

My review

You can buy your mask according to your skin type. It provides a great range of jelly mask. Some of them are:-

· Aloe anti acne jelly mask

· Arbutin+ hyaluronic acid

· Charcoal black jelly mask

· Calendula softening jelly mask

· Snail repairing jelly mask

· Lavender relaxing jelly mask

· Anti aging jelly mask

· Italy red wine jelly mask

I have bought “ANNIE’S WAY Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask”. It supposedly whitens, moisturizes, minimizes fine lines & spots and leaves skin bright. This product has also been famous for removing blackheads. I bought it from ‘Bonjour Cosmetic’ store for around HKD 125, which is INR 1000 / 17$. The texture of the mask is definitely like jelly and it has a cooling sensation when you put it on. I have used it for a month and can see the difference on my skin. My skin is more hydrated, whiter and brighter! I never had lots of blackheads so can’t comment on the blackheads removing claimer.

Little disappointed that I dint get any free stuff from ‘Bonjour’ like many others who claim that they got free things to try.

Availability of the product: This product is available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. You can also book it online .

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Disclaimer: Splurgy is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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