NYX Round Lipstick – LSS643 Femme

NYXThis is one of our favorite lip colors! Our lips are dry and we tend to go for those lip colors that has a moisturizing effect. NYX Round lipsticks go on very smooth, have an excellent color payoff and staying power. Moreover, the price is amazing! This lipstick has no odor or taste, just glides on the lips and gives you that awesome look. It’s packaging is chic, and they offer a ton of pigment saturated colors! You can choose your finish from sheer, matte, shimmer or pearl/metallic from NYX brand.

Product Information

Give your lips an attractive look with the NYX Round lipstick. Every time you apply this lip makeup it smoothens and moisturizes your lips. You can easily wear this NYX lipstick for any occasion. According to the manufacturer, the mineral-based emollient formula in this lip makeup gives your lips a velvety texture and also prevents it from smudging. The NYX Round lipstick is available in 144 different shades, so that you can easily choose the one that suits you the best. Give volume and shape to your beautiful lips with this NYX lipstick.

Product Identifiers

Brand: NYX

Model: Extra Creamy Round

Key Features

Ingredients: Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Titanium

Action Type: Moisturizing

Foundation Type: Cream

If you want to pick this up online, then depending on where you are located, the prices will differ. In India, if you order this online, this will cost you anywhere between INR 1000-1500 (USD17- USD25) where as if you are ordering it on Amazon, it would cost you about INR 300 (USD 5).

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