L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipstick, Red Passion Number 297

LorealL’Oréal Paris brings to you a range of exciting bold and beautiful colors for everyday make up. The lipstick comes with the goodness of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E. It protects the lips from drying up and gives maximum moisturizing effect. These ingredients make the lipstick creamy, soft and gives a smooth, gorgeous finish. The lips feel moisturized all the time and gives you an elegant look.

This lipstick does not bleed and lasts for a few hours. You have to reapply it in between but it does not leaves your lips dry. It goes on easily and is silky smooth.

This will cost you a little over INR 800 (UD 13.5) in India or if you are purchasing it online from a e-commerce site in India like Amazon. If you are buying this from the US, then this will cost you about USD 6.

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Disclaimer: Splurgy is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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