Do’s and Don’ts for pink lips!

PinkLipsThere are a few things that can help you to get back your natural pink lips looking supple and pink again! Here are some of things that you can do that both of us think matters:

Avoid the intake of coffee. Caffeine is one of the reasons for dark lips. Its also damages the natural color of your teeth.

Avoid excessive smoking! Didn’t you notice the statutory warning on the covers?

Avoid licking your lips too often. This is not only a bad habit but also results in making your lips dry and chapped!

Drink lots of water. One should at least have 8-10 glasses of water everyday! Water, water everywhere… It is the easiest drink to find!

Avoid direct sunrays. There are lots of products in the market which has SPF in them and help keeps those harmful rays of your skin.

A proper diet is must. One of the reasons for dry and chapped lips is lack of nutrition in the body.

Apply lip balm time to time when the skin gets dry.

Avoid hot showers or bath as it takes away the moisture from your lips (as well as your body).

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