Our favorite lip care products – Part 2

Our first post of this two part series had our some of our favorite lip balms. In this post, we reveal to you our other favorites.

Kose Precious RoseKose Precious Rose

It took us a while to figure out the name of the product as we had gotten rid of the original packaging. But once we found a picture of the original packaging, it was EUREKA moment! It is one of the brands which is very famous in Asia and namely, Japan. Its thick, creamy and has glossy effect. This heals your flaky dry lips. You feel like applying it again and again. This is Splurgy’s favorite.

It is part of the Happy Bath Day range of Kose and comes in cute, pink packaging. If you are buying it outside of Japan, this could be considered an expensive buy! But it is well worth the price. It costs about INR 1500 ($25) for a 5g container if you are buying it online on Amazon. But this is much cheaper if you buy it in Japan or any of the local stores in South East Asia, then you could get this amazing lip balm for less than INR 500 ($8).


This is a uBoroline_thumb[1]nisex product that every one in India will know. This product can be used on dry lips, cracked heels, cuts etc. It’s a multi purpose cream and works wonders. The only downside of this product is its a bit thick. To get the best results, you need to apply it before you hit the bed. As you can see from the picture, it is one of the most well used products in my stock!

You will get this at most medical stores and if you are an online shopper, then you will have a tough time finding this online!

It will cost you about INR 26 (less than $0.50) for a 20g tube! Now that is a bargain! 

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

This heals your lips and gives you a soft, Nivea fruity shineglossy red color. Its affordable and the scent is amazing! Nivea lip balm is perfect for summer wear as it has SPF 10, which protects lips from UVA and UVB rays.

This is priced at about INR 128 ($2) for a 4.8g stick and is available at most cosmetic shops.

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Disclaimer: Splurgy and Thrifty are NOT sponsors for the above products and are sharing their views for products that they have bought and used!


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