Our favorite lip care products – Part 1


This lip balm just glides on your lips. Many women will vouch for this lip balm. This lip balm contains natural flavors, Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil toBabyLips give you those *kissable* lips. Smile Its one of the best products that is there in the market.

This is a bit on the pricier side in India if you are buying it online from Amazon. A 9g lip balm in the EOS line would cost about INR 990 (approximately $16).

Maybelline Baby Lips

They claim that it hydrates the lips for 8 hrs. We are not sure about that but it actually hydrates your chapped and dry lips for a few hours. It heals those flakes that you get on the lips and adds a nice color to it. It’s available in different colors in the market.

BodyShop Foundation Lip ButterThis is a bit more economical on the purse and you get a bunch of offers on them. And this costs around INR 125-150 (less than $3) for a 14g lip gloss stick. If you are the luckiest of them all, then you might even get them on sale at a throwaway price!

Bodyshop Foundation Lip Butter

It is an awesome product for your lips. If you are one of those who loves sucking lip balm then this is just the one for you! Its creamy, hydrates and makes your lips supple. Recommend it to use as a night treatment or when you are at home as it leaves a white buttery coat on your lips.

This would cost you about INR 250 ($4) for 8.5g. But do watch out for the Bodyshop discounts to bag this at a lower price!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

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Disclaimer: Splurgy and Thrifty are NOT sponsors for the above products and are sharing their views for products that they have bought and used!


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