Oatmeal benefits – Skin, Hair and Body

OatmealI won’t blabber about the health benefits that you get by including oatmeal in your breakfast! For those who don’t know, oatmeal

  • Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes
  • Removes your bad cholesterol, provides high levels of fiber
  • Lowers your fat
  • Gives you high levels of protein

I guess I have given you lots of reasons to love oats. Now get ready for some more. I call it my “oats obsession”!

Oatmeal as a face wash

Oatmeal is amazing for your skin! Oatmeal whisks away your dead cells, any skin irritation or redness, leaving a soft, moist glow on your skin. It fights against skin dryness and cleans your pores and helps normalize your skin’s pH balance.

All you have to do is – Add some organic oats in a bowl, hot water and honey. Let it sit for a while and then wash your face with that paste. If you are in a hurry you can just take some oats in your palm, add lukewarm water and apply to your skin. Scrub it off well.

Skin cleanser

If you have sensitive skin, then you are probably looking for something beyond soaps and body wash, then you can try oats. Oatmeal provides a fragrance-free and soap-free skin cleansing option. Take some oat flour, honey and milk. Combine these ingredients and apply to your skin. And voila, you have your home-made skin cleanser!

Oatmeal mask for hair

This is an awesome mask but a messy one! So I will suggest not putting it on when you are in a hurry to go out. But I promise the result will be amazing. Before you start, please detangle your hair. It is applied on  dry hair.

Take a cup of oats (amount depends on your hair length and thickness), add milk and few drops of almond oil. Mix all these ingredients and apply on your scalp and tip of your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair with your favorite shampoo. You might need a thin brush to remove those extra scales of oats left on your hair. Like a banana mask it doesn’t scrape off easily.

Caution: Test masks on the inner part of your elbow to make sure that the ingredients will not cause irritation or a reaction.

Email me at thrifty@thriftymeetsplurgy.com if you have questions on my “oats obsession“. Till next time, ciao!

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