All you need to know about Body Mist

Are you one of those who still wonder what is a body mist? Is it similar to perfumes or is it different? Well here is all you need to know about them!

Body Mists are sometimes called body splashes or body spritzers. The fragrances are lighter than colognes and perfumes. A body splash fragrance leaves a refreshing light aroma on the skin. Its generally used after a shower/bath or as a light refresher while travelling. Some mists hydrate your skin while others simply moisturize.

Not only can you use it over your body but it can also be used on pillows for that refreshing feeling. You can also use your mist on your comb/brush to get that fragrance on to your hair. The best part about mist is in it’s ingredients. It’s free of mineral oils and alcohol. Its fragrance is lighter, less concentrated and not very expensive. People say that the scent evaporates quickly which is why they keep applying more. The best way to keep the fragrance for a long time is by preparing the skin properly before spraying. Take a shower before you apply the body mist as the skin pores open after you take a shower. This allows you to absorb the spray in the body to retain the fragrance for a longer time.

Victoria Secret Body MistVictoria Secret Body Mists

Allow it dry completely before you wear your clothes. As you can see, I own a few of them!

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