Are you ready to say Good Night

Though I have named it my night care routine but in this post I wont be talking about the skin care. I will write that in a separate post. I will talk about things, which have been neglected in the past and are equally important like our face.

HappyFeetHappy feet: We don’t have oil glands on our hands and feet. It gets drier and hence ages faster. We are always worried about our facial requirements but we neglect our feet. Before going to bed wash your feet with lukewarm water and light soap. You can scrub your feet a bit. Hey, you don’t have to follow a pedicure process but just keep your feet clean. On a lazy day, you can just use wipes to clean it. After the wash, use foot cream of your choice or any thick cream. Massage it well. Wear socks for sometime to keep the moisture intact.

Happy Teeth

Brush your teeth: Its really important to have good oral habits. Make sure you brush before you hit the bed. Use soft bristles and brush slowly. You might hurt your gums if you brush it too hard. If you use mouthwash, then nothing like it. Refrain from using a mouthwash daily as frequent use of mouthwash can have negative side effects as well.


Use cotton buds: Our ears not only let us hear, but they also play a role in maintaining our balance in our daily life. We ignore them and take them for granted. Its very important that you use buds to clean your ears. Do not put your fingers or towels in your ears. They can also push wax down onto your eardrum and can damage your skin. Wax off is the keyword for your ears!Neckrest

Neck: One of the common mistakes that we make is to not moisturize your neck. If you don’t moisturize it, then the skin will sag. Before going to bed make sure that you use a moisturizer on your neck to keep your neck from aging!

Keep your underarms clean: Before you go off to sleep, remember to wipe off the deodorant, roll-on or anything that you applied to emanate a nice fragrance. This helps keep your underarms free of dark spots!

Sanitize phone cover: Your cellphone cover meets more surfaces than your hands! But when you get back home, do not forget to sanitize your cell phone covers. Not sure if your phone is sanitization-proof, so it would be a better idea to get a cellphone cover. This is not part of my daily nightly routine… Especially not on days when I feel lazy!

So here’s to long lasting youth… If there is something like that! May be I should talk about searching for Elixir of Youth! If you want more of my wisdom on the above topics, then give me a shout out on Facebook or send me an email @

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