Splurgys eye make up remover options

clip_image002Heyloo again… We love to do eye make up but many of us do not treat the eye make up removers as essentials. One has to remove her make before going to bed. The eye lashes and the skin needs to breathe and it can’t if you don’t remove the makeup.

There are lots of products that are easily available in the market. I will name a few, which I have used personally and find very helpful in removing eye makeup.

Maybelline make up remover (Eyes & lip)

This product instantly removes the waterproof and non – transfer makeup. The product says that is very gentle on the sensitive skin. Its gives you a watery and light oil kind of feeling when you use it. Do not use it in excessive amount. It got into my eyes when I had used it first. Ouch!

Kose Perfect Make up remover (Eyes & Lip)

Great for sensitive eyes, non oily, no scent, doesn’t dry your eye area. Removes waterproof make up pretty well. My first experience was so good that I bought another one! Smile You don’t get these in India but it is available in major outlets in fareast Asia. I have seen this product in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. Obviously, if you pick it up from the home country i.e. Japan, then it turns out to be cost effective! Did I just talk about cost effective? Maybe Thrifty is getting to me! Surprised smile The Kose website gives you details of where this product is available.

Lancome BI-Facil double action eye makeup

It is non-greasy, skin-soothing, gentle formula. It works amazing on the eyelashes. Any kind of stubborn make up will come off very easily. It is on the expensive side but very high quality and worth the price. Smile This is not available online in India. However, you will get this in the major outlets in the US and fareast Asia. Sephora stocks this in their stores.



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Disclaimer: Splurgy is NOT a sponsor for this product and is sharing her views for a product that she has bought and used!


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